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The first ‘Read a Play’ book will be available soon. It’s a little bit different from other children’s books because its interactive style means you share the reading together. There are five stories in this book and each of them features four quirky characters. The most confident reader is the narrator and you chose between you which characters you’d like to be, then you simply read your parts as they come up.

These stories are designed to make it fun for struggling readers and make the whole idea of reading aloud less intimidating. Each story takes about half an hour so they can enjoy the satisfying conclusion before their head hits the pillow.

If your child is already an accomplished reader, get them to have fun with accents and voices or even act the stories out with their friends.

‘The Spaceship Saga and Other Stories’
by Helen Lawson is out on the 25th January

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Cover of 'The Spaceship Sage and other stories' by Helen Lawson